Owner’s Agent Services – planning, designing and building

AGHL’s owner agent professionals act in the interest of the Owner during all phases of a construction project beginning with project conceptualization through commencement of operations at the newly built or acquired facility. Our team includes professionals with architectural degrees and decades of construction experience. They understand the various delivery methods that are used to contract with planners, designers, engineers and constructors, help our clients select the right process in the context of the particular role they play, the project’s other unique characteristics and local norms. Because they are familiar with and involved in the early planning phases of the project, know our clients’ goals, understand financial impacts, they are important overseers of the entire project. The role of the OA is to assess project progress and identify issues as well as answer routine Owner questions, scrutinize overall project performance, evaluate change order request, and provide insight and analysis that enable the Owner to make informed decisions during all phases of the project.