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AGHL Law attorneys have decades of experience helping developers, businesses, and investors on a wide range of real estate related matters. We counsel clients on the structuring, development, leasing, financing, and sale of single purpose and mixed-use development projects. We deliver high quality, comprehensive real estate-related transactional, environmental, land use and dispute resolution services to our clients.  In the aggregate, over our firm’s decades of experience, we have lead our clients’ real estate initiatives involving well in excess of a billion dollars of transactional value and are often called upon to help them navigate regulatory issues involving environmental, historic, aviation, agriculture, and zoning issues.

As part of our real estate practice, we have a solid track record in working with developers, lenders and owners to put in place sophisticated debt and equity partnerships. In these matters, we represent borrowers and lenders in connection with securitized financing, mezzanine financing, real estate investment trusts (REITs), leveraged buyouts, and private capital fundraising. We can also help real estate projects that encounter difficulties. Our lawyers have experience representing developers, investors and lenders on restructuring and bankruptcy issues, leading the collaboration and planning of workouts between lenders and borrowers.  The workout plans we have lead have involved additional debt, new equity, subordinated mortgage debt and mezzanine loans, as well as complex multi-party inter creditor and subordination agreements and local government incentives.

Our strength comes not only our technical expertise or our experience from a long list of projects, but from our client-focused approach which has resulted in our on-going uninterrupted relationships with many of our real estate clients that spans multiple projects over decades of service.  We take the time to understand our clients, their culture, their goals and the totality of their vision.  We help our clients craft, manage and implement a plan of development that delivers vision and profit.  In all of this, we work closely with our clients and the other members of their team to address the inevitable routine and complex issues that present risk and opportunities.  We are not abashed to know our limits and the strengths of other members on the team or the need to help our clients bring on the additional expertise as issues arise. We partner with our clients.